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ST Series
HM Series
PR Series
For diecast-mold lubricants
Special guns

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ST Series

Light, compact and simple, these models are easy to handle.
The abundance of variations makes it possible to select the best model for your purposes.
This is Lumina’s most representative series, meeting user needs at variety of worksites.


HM Series

HM-1 HM-3L

The standard model is an ultra-mini automatic spray gun weighing only 130g.
Special models with needle nozzles and flexibility are also available.
Perfect for those narrow places that you had to give up on before.


PR Series

Made of aluminum alloy, this large model has a lightweight body and is easy to use. Equipped with pattern and atomization adjusters, this model is a classic, suitable for a wide variety of purposes, beginning with painting.
With its wide-angle round patterns and large liquid passage, the MS-8A is optimal for adhesives and other high-viscosity liquids. Its spiral spray prevents paint drops from adhering.


Spray Gun for Diecast-Mold Lubricants

This spray gun is specially made for diecasting. With a safe design that makes it extremely difficult for liquids to clog, this straight-spraying type enables spraying to be done at the proper distance. Made of aluminum, the body is light and is not a burden to robots. The abundance of variations makes it possible to select the best model for your purposes.
DS Series
From fine sprays to heavy ones, the best spray pattern and nozzle orifice (1.3, 2.0 or 3.0) for your objective can be selected.
DU Series
The nozzle is designed to rotate 60? freely. The ball nozzle and the like make it possible to greatly reduce the time it takes to adjust the direction of spraying. These models feature low air consumption.
*The DU-2L30 does not rotate freely.
AW Series
This series has the same specifications as the DU series but is equipped with an air blower for dual (two-sided) spraying. Dual spraying enables equipment to be simplified, lightening the weight of equipment, reducing work-cycle time in other ways.