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Rotary encoders

Rotary encoders

Technology and flexibility are key characteristics of our incremental and absolute rotary encoder series?ICURO and ACURO. Monolithically integrated opto-ASICS will reliably replace up to 200 SMD components. Thanks to the modular construction, users can select the required configuraion from over two million possible rotary encoders.

Product Family:?AC36, AC58, AC59, AC61, AD34, AD35, AD36, AD58, AR62, AR63, AX65, AX70, AX71

Product Family:?HD20, HD25, HSD25, HSD37, HSD38, ISD25, ISD37, RI30, RI32, RI36, RI38, RI41, RI42, RI58, RI59, RI64, RI76, RX70, RX71
Product Family:?S21
Product Family:?BRCX, BRX, R11, R25